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Lots of fun, lots of outfits!

Hi girls, I have been wearing a lot of Lolita and hanging out with my friends lately, so these are all my outfits from back December until Jan 16th that was my 24year birthday!
Sorry for quality of some photos, since I don't have a camera right  now I just ask my friends to send me the pics they take.

First, here we are in our local Lolita Christmas Party "Posada" held in naku_kirei ´s house.
Thanks for the photos nadia!

My friend Bella, me and my super friend himonin 

himonin , Sofia, naku_kirei  and me. We were a bunch of Lolibunnies XD
Thanks Naku for the pictures, I think your camera take blurry pictures, my skin looks like plastic, hahaha. @_@
We had a great time ^_^

After that, since we all got vacations, a few friends and I went for a coffe, but the place we chose was super expensive, so we take our loli skirts and run from there!. So instead we end in a Japanese Restaurant, yummy!

Giselle, me, Carla and himonin 
We talk a lot of time, that was the first time himonin and I meet this girls, and we absolutely love them *w*... "we click"

Super blurry pic, sorry! XP

~ Face shot~

Then, it started as a casual "go to the cinema" hang out, but at the end we turn that into a mini Lolita meet up!

First we just walk and hang out at the Mall " Plaza Rio".

LOL, me showing to my friend that the skirt is shirred. And himonin  asking me to do her bow. XD

At a departmental store harrasing the dummies. XD

And my last oufit was on my birthday, Jan 16th. Do I look like 24 year old lady!?

I think my cheeks turn bigger @_@

Me and my lovely boyfriend, he put half of the money for that BABY skirt. Love him! *w*

I had so much fun on my B-day, we play twister and it was fun as hell, here some indecent pictures. XP

Me being super happy about the presents! *w*

My lovely friends that attend to my crazy party!

Thanks for watching all my adventures and Loli outfits!

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