leine_black (leine_black) wrote,

Dress me up game!

Hi everybody, is time to see the results in our "Dress me up game".
If you haven't send the photo yet, just comment here with your photo link please!

Let's start!

konbanwa_megami dressed by leine_black

Coord picture

dead_teddys1 dressed by cheri_claire

Coord picture

shieldkitten dressed by faith_chann

insertevilname dressed by LittleEngLolita

ellisolette dressed by nekusagi

kagaminouso dressed by blondedebates

dead_lenore dressed by Corrsgirl1

Coord picture

littleenglolita dressed by insertevilname

vysanthe dressed by valkyrie_chan

iwant2believe dressed by aimeekitty

Coord picture

aimeekitty dressed by iwant2believe

Coord Picture

corrsgirl1 dressed by dead_lenore

Coord Picture

q_of_clubs dressed by SassyStrawberry

yami_no_ryuzaki dressed by leine_black

leine_black dressed by gurololi

Coord Picture

Sorry if I'm not linking the LJ_users, but I always end with some code problems because of that ^^U
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