leine_black (leine_black) wrote,

Imported Japanese Fabrics

Paypal only, funds, e-check and cc-paypal welcome ( please add fee 3.9% + 0.3 usd, yes, premium account sucks T_T)
I'm in actually in Tijuana, Mexico, but my mom go to USA every Friday and send the items from San Diego (Zip: 92129)
Shipping will be calculated on your destination and includes tracking number
If you need to recieve items quickly, please let me know on time
Thank you very much and enjoy shopping
My ebay feedback is here, also in EGL database

ALL the fabric has 1.10 mts wide.

Lucien rose Rose Heart
Quantity: 9 mts (sell only by x3mts.)
Price:  15 usd by meter.

Strawberries printed
Quantity: 4 mts. (only sell by 2mts, or ALL)
Price: $12 usd by meter

Alice in Wonderland playing cards black stripe
Quantity: 2.80 mts
Price: $35 usd for 2.80 mts.

Gothloli cotton satin dress patterned black piano
Quantity: 3 mts.
Price: $39 for 3 mts. - SOLD

Cinderella pattern of black and pink playing
Quantity: 2 mts LEFT - 4 SOLD
Price: $14 usd by meter.

Strawberry print
Quantity: 4 mts (sell by 2mts or 4mts)
Price: $12 usd by meter.

Quantity: 2.5 mts
Price: $27 usd for 2.5 mts.

Quantity: 2.5 mts
Color: Cream (I'll upload the original photo soon ^^)
Price: $27 usd for 2.5 mts.

Quantity: 1.20 mts
Price: $10 usd (if you buy another fabric, you can have this for 7 usd)

Hearts and flowers
Quantity: 3 mts
Price: SOLD

Yukata Fabric - Sakura flower
Quantity: 5 mts (sell only by 2.5mts (x2), 3 mts. 2 mts, and all)
Price:  17 usd by meter.
Note: The gold actually shine a bit *-* is gorgeous!

in black
Quantity: 3 mts.
Price: $53 dlls for 3 mts.

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